Book review by John Price:

Local author Daniel P’Lopez has written another nail biting thriller of a novel that will capture your attention from beginning to end and scare the daylights out of you in the meantime. At times the novel is a sweet love story and coming of age drama, but don’t be fooled. The underlying premise about a group of gay-bashers, known as the Hiding Seekers, creates an ongoing sense of terror and dread because you just don’t know who they’re going to get next. It’s a scary page-turner that you won’t want to put down.

P’Lopez has a style of storytelling that draws you into the characters and their lives just enough to make the eventual exciting and terrifying conclusion pay off when it comes.

The Hiding Seekers is set in the summer of 1995 and the lead character Jordan Peña doesn't just have to deal with the normal trials of a college-bound high school graduate; he is also wrestling with a secret that he fears will change his life forever. Being gay wasn't his choice, but telling his friends and family was and it opens the door to a new and exciting world of dating and romance, but also some dark, evil and dangerous bigotry lurking around the corner in this normally quiet Middle American town.

They’re a seemingly innocent group of kids that hangs out on the outskirts of town. They come from bad families and develop bad ways, mean ways, violent ways. Together, they take an evil vow to always seek those who hide their homosexuality. They are the self-proclaimed Hiding Seekers. They vow to strike time and time again.

Jordan is lucky he has Cal - his boss at the bookstore who is also his mentor, watching over him and giving him advice on how to grow up in a world that is sometimes not too friendly. It was Cal who made the rules: the rules that would keep him safe – if only he could follow them. They were simple rules, common sense really, but to go astray could have murderous results.

Daniel P’Lopez’ latest novel The Hiding Seekers, like all his novels, is an exciting read that will keep you involved with the characters and terrified page after page. 

The Hiding Seekers