LOST IN A JOURNEY:

                                                                                 Book review by John Price:

The excitement is palpable as a tightknit group of high school friends prepare to depart on a long-anticipated school sanctioned camping trip.

Seasoned seniors and nervous freshman join together for what should be an ordinary summer journey. There’s is the last bus to depart. The fact that it is separated from the rest, foreshadows the horrific fate and life-threatening struggle that its occupants are about to experience; although nothing can prepare them for it.

This is the set-up for local author Daniel P’Lopez’ fourth novel Lost in a Journey. Like his previous outings The Vendetta House, The Story of Myles and Alestir, Lost in a Journey is centered around a group of school-aged kids who ultimately face very adult and even tragic circumstances. Also like his previous novels, Lost in a Journey is a real page-turner that compels the reader through the story out of an interest in the characters and a fascination with the situations they find themselves in.

No need for a “spoiler alert” here, as I encourage anyone reading this article to read the book for themselves. The book jacket tells us, so we know upfront that there’s a devastating accident and that the kids find themselves pitted against nature and the elements in way for which they are clearly not prepared. And as each deadly challenge unfolds before them, the strength of their friendships and rivalries propel them toward their one unified goal of survival.

P’Lopez paints a lush verbal description of their beautiful Colorado mountain surroundings with a heart-pounding pace that rushes through every page of these kids’ constant struggle from day to terrifying day. It’s this combination of elements, which joins with the artful depiction of a normal group of students, complete with joking banter and earnest camaraderie, that every reader can relate to. This understanding and sympathy for the characters is what keeps the tale so riveting from beginning to end. We know these kids. We’ve been these kids, but we are shocked by what they are facing and amazed by how they are dealing with it.

Lost in a Journey