Book review by John Price:

I enjoyed taking the journey with Daniel P’Lopez as I poured through his poetry from every imaginable genre. It’s not just a collection of songs and poems but rather a journey through the author’s psychological state spread out as a chronology of events that takes the reader along for the ride through the author’s mind set as the poems were written.

Some of the works are deep and dark and conjure up his feelings of fear, despair and paranoia, while others are simple observations about the beauty of everyday things in life. They leap from humorous and simple to complex and hard to take. If the point of a good poem or lyric is to take you someplace or to make you feel something, then this book is right on the mark.

I have read many books of poetry and they often feel distant and ancient and speaking in a language that I cannot relate to; cannot empathize with. Daniel P’Lopez’ songs and poems are no such thing. They come from a common voice; a natural and normal voice that is blunt and at the same time raw with feeling and fresh of observation.

There is something dark and foreboding just beneath the surface in many of these works that has to do with revenge and the author’s intense feelings of being wronged, cheated and destroyed. Some touch on the notions or murder and suicide. You wonder if this tortured author wasn’t at one point potentially a school shooting about to happen, or just a person in pain lashing out in words only. There is real darkness here. There is real pain.

But there is also light-heartedness. There are poems about erotica and some about humor and even some about erotic humor. His Safari Freakazoid cracked me up. My favorite poem may well be the shortest one in the book: “An orange is an orange because it’s orange.” I love that.

There’s a lot to read here. P’Lopez’ journey is not a simple one. It’s as complex and detailed as the world in which he dwells; with all the highs and lows of the life he so passionately puts on the page. It’s not always an easy journey, but one you’ll be grateful that you’ve taken.

You will enjoy Daniel P’Lopez’ songs and poems because, unlike many books of poetry, these are not staid recitations from vintage dialogues, these are fresh, young and new presentations that tell you many things about the author, his life and the world he lives in. And they might also tell you a little something about yourself.

Creations of Daniel