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In a small affluent community on the coast in Orange County, four young Chicano boys make a solemn pact to be blood brothers for life. Soon after, the boys combine their talents to form a band called The Orange Grove. Pal Reyes, the all American good boy, leader and front man of the group is dating Selena Lopez, one of the prettiest girls in school. They are seemingly the prefect couple, but their relationship is not the only one that seems forbidden to the eyes of others. There are dark secrets lurking between the pals, including hidden relationships with people from the past. As the band rises to a quick and sudden fame, their lives drastically change. Through the jealousy and rage of rival gangs, they are determined to make sure Pal and his friends don’t continue to rise to the top. In fact, they want them to come crashing down hard. How will these childhood pals navigate the road of fame and glory? Will the success of The Orange Grove prevail, or will their friendships and relationships be destroyed forever? Who will rise? And who will fall between this dramatic tale of the rich and the poor, the good and the bad, and friends that turn into enemies.

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AUTHOR DANIEL P’LOPEZ TAKES YOU ON A DARK JOURNEY THROUGH PARANOID FEAR THAT WILL KEEP YOU TURNING THE PAGES OF HIS LIFE Daniel P’Lopez’ most recent autobiographical work DARK STRANGER is chapter two in his four-part series of The Dark Chronicles about his own life and experiences. It’s a deeply personal and psychological story about a young man (P’Lopez) who is just beginning to deal with his own homosexuality when he meets a stranger at the gym. All Daniel wanted and was looking for, was a companion and love, but the stranger through drugs, hate and a power he abused, had other plans for the naïve and lonely twenty-year-old. The story grows from a love/hate relationship through a twisted and confusing time for everyone involved. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and fears, as the story unfolds into something quite dark and mind blowing. The book is a fascinating psychological study of the author’s paranoia and perceptions of the people and events around him. He sees things through his own eyes and feels them in his fragile mind which sometimes creates life-threatening situations of violence and mental breakdowns that are not always based in an equally disordered reality. It leaves the reader to wonder how much of the events and fears are in the author’s head and how much is actually real. There are bad people who do him harm, there is no doubt. But in his perception and fear of disease and tainted food, they are conspiring together in organized ways to spy on him and destroy him. It is based truly in his own paranoid world. Or not! You’ll definitely have to read it to form your own opinion. Dark Stranger is an excellent read and will keep you turning the pages through his dark and painful journey. You can definitely relate to the innocence of our main character even if you can’t understand a lot of the conclusions he comes to and the path that led him to where he ended up. It’s a coming of age story with dark psychological parameters, which keep the readers interested and invested in the life story unfolding before them. Daniel P’Lopez is the author of seven published books including The Vendetta House, The Story of Myles, Alestir, Lost in a Journey, Creations of Daniel, The Hiding Seekers, and Dark Stages, which is the first in the four-part Dark Chronicle Series of his autobiographical stories. His next fictional novel Pals is due out next year. All the books are available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or at

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